Monday, 31 March 2014

Blue Light Love

Blue is the answer. 
Cystic acne is serious business – deep, painful blemishes that stick around your face for ages. They can take ages to heal.

A few months ago I discovered Clear Clinic ( blue light sessions. $150 to clear up my skin?! Sign me up. PLUS since starting these regular monthly treatments I haven't had a SINGLE deep blemish – when I do break out they are FAR less severe and usually just in time for my next treatment, which clears them up almost instantly.  No creams to apply, no chemicals on the skin, no downtime from lasers.  

The frequency of light kills acne bacteria a few layers beneath the skin, without disturbing the rest... really love it. 

The only thing is, it could get very expensive. I'd love to be able to get those results at home. Enter the blue baby quasar MD. I'm in research mode, still not sure if it's the same strength (which, even if it's not, it could be good for maintenance). Will check back in about this if I get in. In the mean time, if cystic acne is dragging you down, give your face a little blue light loving.

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