Monday, 31 March 2014

1950's Hair... Done!

Going to a costume party doesn't have to mean a day spent at the hair dressers. I'm no hairdresser but there are some many YouTube videos on how to do hair. For the 50's party I simply rolled my hair back into a pin curl to the side and spilt the remaining hair into two sections, teased and pinned back! 

Another key that a lot of people forget is teasing. Without teasing, your hair is hard to work with and less flexible but it all about creating texture in your hairs so its easy to bend in whichever direction you need it to go

Two Perfumes

Since I'll be spending Australia's winter in the States and skipping the cold entirely this year, I decided to pick out two summery fragrances to wear over the next few months. It's all about having (at least) two. One for everyday, and one for special occasions.

Although I'm not a huge fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances (they don't stick around for very long), I loooove Honey. It's sweet, fresh and friendly. Perfect to wear every day, all spring and summer long.

The white Nirvana perfume from the Olsens is more subtle and sophisticated. It's still special enough to stand out a bit. Think date night, if you have a big meeting. This one says "You can't sit with us." In a good way.

Blue Light Love

Blue is the answer. 
Cystic acne is serious business – deep, painful blemishes that stick around your face for ages. They can take ages to heal.

A few months ago I discovered Clear Clinic ( blue light sessions. $150 to clear up my skin?! Sign me up. PLUS since starting these regular monthly treatments I haven't had a SINGLE deep blemish – when I do break out they are FAR less severe and usually just in time for my next treatment, which clears them up almost instantly.  No creams to apply, no chemicals on the skin, no downtime from lasers.  

The frequency of light kills acne bacteria a few layers beneath the skin, without disturbing the rest... really love it. 

The only thing is, it could get very expensive. I'd love to be able to get those results at home. Enter the blue baby quasar MD. I'm in research mode, still not sure if it's the same strength (which, even if it's not, it could be good for maintenance). Will check back in about this if I get in. In the mean time, if cystic acne is dragging you down, give your face a little blue light loving.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jade Shade

Felt pretty 'meh' about this green OPI shade, until I read the name, "Jade." Do you ever do that? It helped the color go from "Louisiana swamp water" to "exotic and rare" in my mind. 
Jade nails? Yes please. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hello 1950!

Last weekend I went to1950’s dress up party. I didn’t have time to look for an outfit, nor did I want to spend money on something I’d wear for 1 hour and then never again. But with costumes, hair and makeup is where you can make a big impression.

1950’s skin was flawless and creamy. It was all about defined brows, perfect liner and a kissable red lip. I used the Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner – in one stroke you get a thin, opaque black line. Highly recommended product and perfect for that flick at the end.
Another major component is the lips! MAC Ruby woo is amazing. The retro matte style lipstick ensures that your lips stay clean and crisp. The trick to getting lipstick to last? 

• Line and colour your lips in with the pencil
• Lightly dust translucent powder over your lips
• Colour your lips with the pencil one more time
• Now it’s time for lipstick

It’s all about layering. The more thin coats you do (and don’t forget to seal along the way) the longer and better your look will last.